Is your family complete?
Well, we hope not.  We would love to have more children, but we also desire to submit to God's will for our lives.  I guess we'll see...

Why do the girls in your family wear only skirts?
There are many reasons why the girls in our family wear mainly skirts and dresses.  First, it is a conviction from God.  We desire to be "set apart" from the world...and that includes the way that we dress.  We also believe that God created men and women to be different.  We love that there is a distinction.  Imagine a world with only men or only women!  How bland!  We believe that when we embrace the role God has ordained for us we are happy and blessed.  So our girls embrace the femininity that God has ordained in us from the beginning of time.  Finally, the Bible-God's holy word-tells us to be modest.  We believe that it is a lot easier to be modest in a skirt where the fabric doesn't cling to our bodies.  Of course, that also translates to other articles of clothing (we wouldn't wear low cut shirts or tank tops because they would not be modest) and to the boys in our family (the girls wouldn't go topless-even to swim-so why would the boys?)  Please know that this is a personal conviction and that we do NOT judge you if you don't have the same standards we do.

Why do you homeschool?
We believe that we are called to be parents all the time.  Children are only ours for a little while and we want to spend that time together with them.  We think that this causes our children to have their hearts in their homes.  We want to train them in a way so that they are prepared when they are grown to face this dark world head on with the light of Jesus!  We also think that homeschooling for us offers a better education because we certainly have a smaller class size than even a private school.  We know each of our children well and we have the ability to cater their curriculum to their personality.  Our children are also not what you might consider calm or ideal students.  In a public school situation, they may be looked over, but not at home...Here they are star students!

What about socialization?
Our children are very social!  They socialize with children at church each week, with family and friends, and as they get older they will certainly meet other good friends to spend time with.  They also are learning how to relate to people of other age groups.  We desire that they know how to talk to adults, children their own age, and even babies.  Fellowship with other children can be a good thing, but it can also be dangerous!  We want our children to have close friends who are supportive of the way that they live.  They will face enough opposition in this life.  Now is the time when they are being molded and so every influence in their lives is important and deserves to be well thought out including who they spend their time with.

How do you plan to afford many children and where will you put them?
We hear questions like this all the time with only four children!  In a way, they ARE important questions.  We are told how expensive it is to raise children and we agree that children cost money.  What we disagree with is how much money they cost.  We make homemade food, shop second hand, try to avoid debt (right now we are trying hard to pay off what we owe and plan to not have debt once it is paid off), use cloth diapers, make our own cleaners and laundry soap, reduce, reuse, recycle, etc...but most of all we PRAY!  God has never failed to provide what we need.  No, we don't always have everything that we might like to have, but we always have enough.  The times when we have had major financial setbacks (and even some minor ones) were when we went ahead with a decision without praying about it.  We are slowly learning the lesson!  As for where we would put our children...houses fill up really fast with things (our house is only a little over 1000 square feet), but those things aren't what is important.  When we are able to limit our "stuff" we can fill our homes with the things that matter...Family, friends, faith, laughter, love, and joy!

Why are you so happy?
That is an easy one...Jesus!  We pray that you, too, know Jesus as Lord.  If you don't, we would love to help you get to know Him.  Nothing you have done is too bad for God to forgive...and forgiveness is there for the asking!