Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Frugal Accomplishments June 29th-July 4th, 2015

Made applesauce bread.  We always have an abundance of apples in this part of the country and we are usually able to glean some for free, so I'm always looking for recipes that call for applesauce.  The other thing that I use a lot of applesauce for is to replace oil in baked goods.  I find the texture to be slightly tougher, but considering the cost of oil, I'm fine with that.

Used leftover chicken and stock from the bones to make Huntington chicken.  The recipe calls for a whole chicken's worth of meat.  I usually use about 2 cups and a quart of corn, along with extra pasta,  which fills in the recipe nicely.  So, I also had enough chicken to make buffalo chicken quesadillas for my husband.

Ate up some of the canned soup that our church gave to us.  Served it along with french bread bought on the discount rack.

Made wooden blocks for Evie's birthday. I needed Mod Podge for this project and thought I still had some.  When I went to get it out, it had hardened in the bottle.  I was able to purchase a new, small bottle for $2.97 after using a 60% off one item coupon at JoAnn. I also made her two skirts, three fabric bins, a fabric ball, a small doll, and a jacket.  I am still planning on sewing two peasant tops for her and then I will do a post about her gifts.

When I went out for groceries on Friday, my first stop was a local Mennonite-owned deli and bulk foods store.  I only stopped for lunch meat for my husband to pack for work and pectin to make cherry jelly.  But, while I was there, I was talking to the owner's wife and she asked if I had any use for milk that was about 2 days past its sell by date.  I said yes and they gave me 2 1/2 gallons of white milk, 2 quarts of chocolate milk, a pint of strawberry milk, and 2 pounds of butter.  I froze the butter and 1 1/2 gallons of the milk.  I made yogurt for the week with the other gallon of milk and my kids enjoyed the chocolate and strawberry milk that first evening.  What a blessing!  And the yogurt was the best I've ever made!

We drove out on Friday night to see fireworks at a local state park.  After sitting there for an hour waiting, they canceled them because of rain.  On the way home, we hit a bear with the van.  Yes, a bear!  Thankfully, the only damage is that one side of the bumper was pushed in about 2 inches. We decided to just stay home for the 4th.  We had a campfire and a yummy dinner, then went to bed so we could get up for church the next morning.  We will attend a car and tractor show next weekend and they will have fireworks there.

On Sunday, we attended a picnic with my husband's family since his sister is visiting from Little Rock.  We contributed pea salad and Boston cream poke cake.  When we left, we took home sloppy joe meat and party potatoes.

I finally broke down and went to WalMart to look for tomato bullion, but our store doesn't carry it!  I asked my mom to keep an eye out for it and she called on Friday and said she had picked up a container of it for $1.55.  She also bought 4 water flavor enhancers (like MIO) for $0.33 each, and 4 bags of granola for $0.50 each.  We are really enjoying this granola on top of yogurt!

I accepted a few articles of clothing that someone had given to my mom.  There is a pair of pajamas int here that I will be able to use and a tee shirt that my husband can wear.  The women's slacks and men's jeans, I will save for the fabric.

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  1. Reading our blog was a real blessing to me. I left a few comments but enjoyed it all. Sarah