Monday, June 22, 2015

Housekeeping Routine

This is the housekeeping routine I attempt to follow.  When I am successful, I feel so much more at peace and my husband notices how much less stress we have in the evenings.

1. Get all caught up on laundry.  This includes washing, hanging out to dry, folding and putting away. My laundry tends to build up over the weekend as we are busy and there is usually much to be done on Mondays. My 7 year old folds and puts away all the kitchen and bathroom laundry.
2. Clean the bathroom top to bottom.  This included scrubbing tub and surround, washing shower curtain, dusting all surfaces, cleaning the floor, and making a list of any needed items.  Our hamper and washing machine are in the bathroom, so I start with the laundry then move on to cleaning the room.

1. Bedrooms.  We have 3 bedrooms. I organize our bedroom, the boys do their room, and the girls do theirs.  While the children are cleaning ( they take MUCH longer to do the job than I do) I strip the beds and begin washing the bedding and hanging it to dry.  Once the tidying is done, I wash the walls, dust the surfaces, wipe the windows, and vacuum all 3 rooms. Before bedtime, we remake all the beds.
2. Tuesday is also the day my 10 year old takes the trash cans to the end of the driveway.

1. Kitchen.  I start in one corner of my kitchen and clean the whole way around the room, top to bottom, at least briefly touching every surface and making sure all the counter tops and shelves are clear.  Then I scrub the table, chairs, and floor.  I always finish by lighting a candle and turning the light off. I don't know why, but it makes it seem so peaceful.
2. Since I am already in the kitchen, I work on my shopping list for the week.
3. My 5 year old brings the trash cans back from the end of the driveway.

1. I clean the living room top to bottom.  I don't usually clean behind furniture every week, but every other week or so.
2. Shopping. I prefer to do this in the evening when I can go by myself,or with just one child, but that's not always an option with my husband's schedule.  I try to schedule the children's doctor appointments for this evening so that I can do that while I am out shopping and I get one on one time with the one who has the appointment.

1. I clean the 3 seasons room on the front of our house where we keep coats and shoes, as well as Lego and a few other toys. That room also houses my sewing machine.
2. I balance personal and business banking accounts and make a budget for the following week or month today.  I also file any receipts for the business along with any other papers that need to be filed.
3. Plan next week's school lessons and reserve any needed books at the library.

We are often busy on Saturdays, but this is what I try to accomplish when we are at home.
1. Clean out the van.  Things tend to end up there that don't belong.  I also take the time to make sure that the van is stocked with extra clothing for little ones, diapers, wipes, baby food, etc.
2. Clean up the family closet.  This is usually the messiest room in the house because no one else sees it, but even it needs cleaned up sometimes.
3. Any outdoor work that needs to be done. My husband usually uses the riding mower and I push mow to trim.  Toys tend to get left out and need to be cleaned up often.  Otherwise, our house starts to look like an abandoned orphanage.

1. We travel an hour and a half one way to get attend church and we usually eat at the church, have a picnic, or eat with family for lunch, so most of the day is gone by the time we get home.
2. I try to not work on the house too much on Sundays, but I will start laundry for Monday.

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