Monday, June 29, 2015

Frugal Accomplishments June 22-28, 2015

Made granola, yogurt, and more.  While we didn't eat all meals "at home", we did eat all meals "from home".  When we were out and about, we packed food to take with us.

My mom and I like to go to a u-pick place for cherries.  They are usually open only one day and by the end of that day, there are no more cherries.  They sell the cherries for $1.60/lb.  This year, neither of us were able to go that day, so we decided we'd do without cherries in our freezers this year.  Well, the next day, a family friend called my mom and said that they were finishing up picking their cherries and she and I could have all of them for $1/lb.  They said it would most likely be around 30-50 lbs.  When my mom went to pick them up, there was about 60 lbs, but they only charged her for 50.  I'm getting 15 lbs of them for my freezer, and my mom and sister in law will split the rest of them. These are especially helpful since we didn't have the money to go pick strawberries this year, either.

We cut my husband's and all three boys' hair.

Accepted a propane grill from my husband's brother.  We have never purchased a grill. The first one we had was a hand-me-down from my father in law.  Eventually, that one wore out and we turned it in for scrap.  We haven't had a grill since the fall before last, now, so this grill is a blessing! When my husband went out to hook it up, though, we discovered that we were out of propane, so we haven't been able to try it yet.

On Friday, we went to a parade.  We packed our dinner and then enjoyed a beautiful evening as a family.

On Saturday, we attended a local bluegrass festival.  Admittance was free, but it cost $8 to park.  It was raining, but we still had a good time,  Once again, we took food with us, but we did buy each person a snack.

We attend church an hour and a half away from our home, so Sundays are difficult days with attempting not to stop and eat.  We managed to make it home and had pizza for lunch.

I sewed three skirt and two peasant tops for Emma for her birthday.

Accepted clothing for Emma and myself from a friend at church.

Stopped at my favorite thrift store on Saturday.  Spent $4.88 and bought 6 pieces of clothing, a kitchen storage container, a pasta fork (I've been without one since October), two sewing patterns (one for a girls jumper and one for ladies skirts and tops), and a book for Emma's birthday.

I put in my order for peaches at the orchard.  I ordered 140 lbs and it will cost me $48 (about 34 cents per pound).

I used surprise points from Sears to buy a denim vest for Evie for nothing out of pocket.  I had seen an outfit on that was a top, a paper bag skirt and a denim vest that I really liked.  I am going to make a couple of similar skirts for her, so she will have a similar outfit, but for much less cost.

Also, my husband worked 5 full days last week! (A first in two months!) Maybe not exactly "frugal" since there are definitely costs associated with working, but it will sure be nice to have a little money coming in!

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