Monday, June 22, 2015

Blessing in Time of Struggle

The last two months have been exceptionally difficult for us.  The motor in my husband's dump truck blew up on April 30th, and only on June 16th was it finally fixed and back on the road.  My husband is a self employed owner operator and our only breadwinner, so this was a major setback to overcome.  And yet, as with almost all things, even in these times of difficulty, there are blessings.

We were given gifts of money, a lot of food, some yard sale finds that we had been needing for the children, etc.  So many people that we didn't even know gave us deals on parts and services.  Friends and neighbors volunteered their time to help us get back on the road.  There were many hugs and phone calls and prayers said on our behalf.  

One of the silver lining type things to difficult times is learning how strong the Body of Christ is.  How much God cares about every little thing in our lives.  How many people really do still care about others even when all we hear about in the media is the violence and hatred of our day.

Now, we are moving forward.  We will need to work hard to get back on steady ground and pay back our debts, but we have done that before and we know that it is possible and that as long as we are working the direction the Lord desires for us, we will get there eventually.

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