Thursday, August 16, 2012

Today's Goal: Kids Clothing Overhaul

While I have been thankful for our over-abundance of clothing while I have been sick and not doing laundry, now that I have it all washed and put away I am realizing just how much overkill it is.  We have far too many clothes to even really "fit" into the space God has provided for them.  I;m going to venture to say that the issue is not the storage space that has been provided for our family, but the fact that we have too much.  I am not going to mess with my clothes or Dan's today because mine right now includes several sizes and several seasons of maternity clothing which will naturally diminish over the next few months as this pregnancy progresses.  And my husband is not thrilled with the idea of me going through his clothes and I can respect that. I am going to tackle the kids' clothes.  I am going to keep out their summer wardrobes for a little longer.  But I am hoping to get that all sorted through and maybe make it to the garage and get their fall/ winter wardrobes ready to bring in in a month or so.  Below, you will find a list of what I am going to keep.

Boys (After Potty Training)

1 pr work/ play jeans
5 prs jeans/ cargo/ camo pants in decent condition
1 pr sweat pants
2-3 pr dress pants (black, tan, and maybe blue)
3 pr seasonally appropriate pajamas
2-3 pr shorts (summer)
5-7 dress shirts (button-up/ polo...seasonally appropriate)
7-10 shirts (tees or long sleeve tees)
1-2 dress sweaters
2 sweatshirts
a reasonable number of socks, underwear, and under shirts)

Before Potty Training: Same as above but with 2-3 more pants amd maybe a pair or two more pajamas

Girls (After Potty Training)

5 skirts for daily use
1 pr sweat pants
3 pr seasonally appropriate pajamas/ night gowns
3 "dressy" dresses
5-7 dresses
7-10 tops (seasonally appropriate)
2 sweatshirts
2-3 each pull over sweaters/ button up sweaters
5 pr neutral leggings for under dresses/ skirts
1 slip
a reasonable number of socks, underwear, under shirts, and tights)

Before Potty Training: Same as above but with 2-3 more skirts or dresses and maybe a pair or two more pajamas

How do you decide how many clothing items your family needs?

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