Tuesday, August 14, 2012

The First Day of School and Why a Schedule Should be on My Refrigerator and Not Just in My Head!

We started school officially yesterday!  Yay!  The plan ordinarily would be to wait until closer to the beginning of september, but with a baby due in the middle of the school year, we knew we would have to make up some time somewhere. 

This year, Alex is in second grade and Elizabeth, though only 4, is starting "kindergarten."  It didn't seem to make sense to do a preschool curriculum with her since so much of what is in a preschool curriculum is included in kindergarten as well.  We may take this slowly and make it last 2 years or we may just go at her pace and sort of forget grade levels.  We'll see!

The first day of school was NOT ideal.  We were all up and actually got school done for the day by 10 AM..then rushed out the door to head to my doctor's appointment.  There were good things to it, though.  I set the kiddos' new school supplies out by their seats at breakfast which inspired them to get to work quickly.  Once we were in town, they were able to spend an hour and a half at the park with my mom and then we had lunch at Chick-Fil-A.  So, it was made special even if chaotic.

Before I discovered that were going to be adding a baby to our family, we had gotten into a really good schedule.  Unfortunately, morning sickness has a way of allowing things to "just happen" and we are really suffering from the chaos recently.  I have been thinking a lot of how I want our schedule to work, but I haven't taken the time to actually put any of it on paper.  Needless to say, "mind schedules" don't work too well.  For one thing, I have enough on my mind that a lot of the time our schedule ends up pushed to the back amidst forgotten things like algebraic equations and the periodic table.  Also, even if I have an idea of how I want the day to go, no one else in the house does.  Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately sometimes?), none of them can read my mind.  So, in the next few days, I am hoping to set aside some time...maybe while my little ones get a firm schedule in place.  Wish me luck!

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