Friday, February 17, 2012


...we woke up with a plan.  We were going to go get anti-freeze to try to get Dan's truck to quit overheating.  Then, Dan was going to load up the dog and take him to his mom's house for her to watch while we are on an up coming trip.  When he got there, his brother would bring him home (the truck would stay at his mom's) and they would work on his brother's car.  This is how the day really played out...

Dan's brother let us know that he wouldn't be able to come down because his little boy is sick.  So, we decided that I would take the kids to visit my parents in the van (which has blown fuses or something and none of the interior lights work, the clock doesn't stay set, etc) and Dan would top off the radiator, thinking that maybe when he put the new one in he didn't put enough antifreeze in it, load up the dog, pick up some more antifreeze and head to PA to meet us for dinner.  I did not feel like driving as I'd had a rough night, but somehow I made the hour long trip without killing us all.  My consolation was that Daniel would be driving on the way home and I wouldn't have to drive both directions!  I hadn't been at my parents' house long when Dan called and said the truck was overheating and they couldn't get it cooled down.  Now they are thinking it's the water pump and he is going to borrow a friend's truck to bring the dog up.  The same amazing friend offers to fix Dan's truck while we are in PA and we can pick the truck up on the way through in the evening.

Eventually, Tater (the dog) makes it to Nanny's house and Dan joins us for dinner.  Before we leave, Dan gets a call to say that the auto parts store didn't have the right water pump in stock and so the truck isn't going to be ready afterall.  We start off for home, me in the van with the kids and Dan in the borrowed pick up, rain and fog all around us.  My cell phone was dead, but Dan had his almost-dead one.  When he got part way home, my parents called and said that something was leaking under the van and there is a rainbow running down their driveway.  As soon as he hangs up with them, another friend who had been without a car and borrowing Dan's work car, called to tell him that the car was broken down in the Rite Aid parking lot. 

We met and returned the borrowed truck, picked up the keys to the work car, and made our way to Rite Aid.  Yep, sure enough, the car starts and sounds fine, but when it's put in gear it doesn't go anywhere. No funny noises when it's put in gear, though, which we are thinking is a good thing.  Dan calls our auto club from Rite Aid because now his cell phone is dead, too.  Then he waits for a tow truck while I head home.  Alex and Elizabeth enjoyed watching the tow truck drop off Daddy's car!  Dan checks the transmission fluid and finds it almost empty, but we all decide that tomorrow is another day.

So, here I am at almost 6 in the morning and I wonder what today will hold.  So much to do and so little time!

I am thankful though, for the opportunity to put into practice one of our goals as a make our reaction to a situation count.  Will our kids remember all that went wrong yesterday?  Maybe, but they surely would remember it if we exploded in anger and frustration.

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