Monday, February 20, 2012

Right Goals for the Wrong Reasons

Dan and I desire for each of our goals to be based in the Bible.  We want God's will to be our top priority and when we set goals, there is almost always a scripture that we can refer to in order to explain why we have set that goal.  However, over time, there is the possibility of sticking to a goal, but forgetting why we are doing it.

I want to be a good wife, but sometimes I fall into the trap of trying to do that without realizing that I am doing it to honor God.

When we started homeschooling, we did it because we believe that the Bible mandates it, but getting the Bible into little hearts and minds hasn't taken top priority in our days.

Dan desires to be a leader in our home, but sometimes he can get caught up in it all and forget that he cannot do it without the Lord's help.

I don't want to get angry, but I find myself thinking about other Christians whom I admire and not the Biblical references for that goal.

I am trying to love my children completely in order to have their hearts, and to show them my love and appreciation on a daily basis, however there are many times when I find myself following advice from a secular magazine to do that without following God's plans.

I am prayerful that I will be more aware of the whys behind the hows.  Don't try to be like me and I won't try to be like you...let's all try to be more Christ-like instead.  The Bible has all we need to know how to live a godly life...let's follow it!

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