Saturday, January 21, 2012

A Fun Day and What We Learned from the Wealthy

I do want to touch on a few other topics regarding clothing the family before I move on to some other practical household things, but for now there is something else I want to share.

Yesterday Daniel ended up staying home because I woke with a terrible migraine.  Thankfully, after a couple of hours more sleep it was all but gone and we decided to spend the day doing something fun.  After checking out the options online, we decided to hit up The Wild Side at Nemacolin Woodlands.  It was to open at 1 and we arrived at 2:30 with the doors still locked.  Up we drove to the 5 Star resort to see what was going on.  The valet informed us that regardless of what the sign on the door and the website said, they didn't open The Wild Side until 4 in the winter.  So we had an hour and a half to wait.  The valet said he would be happy to park our car so that we could walk through the resort and check out the shops inside, the restaurants, ice cream parlors, massive fish tanks, etc.  I balked at the idea because it was just plain embarrassing.  It's one thing to spend an afternoon bowling and eating pizza, but being in such a high-class establishment just made me queasy!  Daniel and the kids thought it was a wonderful idea, though, so with our van being safely parked among the BMWs and Cadillacs, we wandered through the huge resort.  I was feeling so self-conscious and was tempted to feel sorry for myself that the way of life there was nothing like what I have.  Then, Aaron (who had been holding my hand) spotted his daddy up ahead of him.  "Da da!" he cried and ran for Daniel.  Dan picked up his boy and turned to look at me.  "We're richer than anyone else here," he said.  And he was right.

We eventually did get to the Wild Side and had a great time.  But my favorite memory by far is the look of a love-struck daddy holding a little boy who looked at him like he hung the moon.

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