Monday, January 23, 2012

Clothing the Family part 5


Have you ever heard a child asking you where his shoes are exactly two seconds before you need to leave for an appointment?  Well, ours ask no longer.

Almost two years ago, I told Daniel that I would like him to build me something to keep all the coats and shoes organized, but he's pretty creative and so he outsourced it!

Now we have a set of four school-type lockers in our...umm...front-porch-sunroom-playroom-thing.  Yeah, you heard me. (Once again, the small-ness of the room is the reason for the weird angles).  This is just to the left of the door into the living room.

The children pile all their shoes in the bottom (the downfall is squashed dress shoes occasionally).  Their coats get hung on the hooks inside.

To the right of the living room door, I keep a reusable grocery bag with all of the hats and gloves.  Elizabeth's dress coat is hanging there, too, because it's not an option for every day use.

Mama and Daddy keep our shoes in stack-able bins just inside the front door and our coats on a wall-mounted coat rack behind the living room door.

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