Sunday, January 22, 2012

Clothing the Family part 4


Now, there is a word to make every mama of a larger than average size family run in terror.  Not the MOUNTAIN!  I can usually keep from being completely buried by laundry mountain.  I have tried all sorts of different schedules, routines, etc.  But I am trying to simplify my life, so this is when I do laundry...when it needs done.  Shocking, I know.  One thing (which my mother hates) that I have found to make laundry so much easier is that I quit sorting our laundry.  I can hear you gasping for breath now!  No organized piles of towels, whites, darks, and lights?  Nope...Not most of the time, anyway.  I have gotten pretty used to less than perfectly white socks.  I don't wear socks and most of the time you can't see anyone else's socks.  It might be a  big problem for your family if you all like the grandpa look of shorts and tube socks.  I do like to take some time every once in a while (when I have the time) to sort laundry like a bona-fide June Cleaver.  But between regular laundry for all of us and cloth diapers, I've got bigger fish to fry than gray undies.  I try to do a load of laundry in the morning and hang it on the line over our woodstove in the winter or outside in the summer.  If there is a lot of laundry to do, I'll do one more mid-day.  If not, then in the evening I hang up another load and let it dry till I am up and ready to hang out the first load in the morning.  Diapers get done every other day unless we've had a particularly stinky day, then it gets done the same day.  I try to have all my laundry caught up on Saturday, so that I don't have to mess with it on Sundays.  (Didn't happen this week, by the way.)  At least once a day I put laundry away because that is a job I hate to do and if I let 4-5 loads of laundry pile up, it takes forever!  How do you take care of laundry at your house?

P.s.  We make our own laundry soap and don't use fabric softener.  Next: Outerwear.

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  1. One of the best things we've done to organize our clothing is getting slim hampers and teach our children to sort their own laundry. We have in each laundry accumulation area three hampers--one for whites, one for darks, and one for "colors" (which for me means red things that I don't want to bleed on white things and make boys' socks pink). We also have one for towels and rags. Things go so much more smoothly now that everything is pre-sorted--just grab a hamper and dump!