Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Clothing the Family part 2

Know your shops

It is important to know which shops to look at for which items and as you spend time in them, this becomes apparent quickly.  In Cumberland (the nearest town, about 15 miles away) there is only an over-priced kids' resale shop and a Goodwill.  The kids resale shop is good for big items as a last resort, shoes, and their clearance section.  They also offer 20% off if you bring in their reusable shopping bag to bag your purchases.  The Goodwill is really only good for books.  Most of the clothing there isn't in very good repair, although there are always exceptions to the rule.  I also don't like to pay what they ask.  Not that it isn't cheap, but it just isn't cheap enough for me.

LaVale also has a Goodwill, but the selection isn't really any better than the one in Cumberland.

Grantsville (about 30-40 miles away) has a kids resale shop that is ridiculously over-priced, but that offers new toys at reduced prices (think EBay prices).  They also have a community run thrift shop with reasonable prices (and a 50% off sale the first weekend of October) and a Goodwill that always has a decent amount of conservative ladies and girls clothing because of the large population of conservative Christians in the area.

Occasionally, we go to the interfaith coalition thrift shop in Hancock because their daily specials are a good deal.  Last time we were there, men's dress shirt were $5 a bag.  We have also found some large items there and a wide variety of household items.  But, they are over an hour away.  It's also close to a nice Goodwill.

Our favorite thrift shop in in Romney, WV (approximately 30-35 minutes away). We always come away with good deals there.  The single most expensive thing I've bought there was a crib for $5.  Most clothing items are 25 cents to $3.  Books, games, shoes, housewares, etc usually don't top $1.  The staff there is also extremely helpful.  They will negotiate prices with you and offer advice (like to shop Tuesday mornings during yard sale season for the best selection of baby and kids items).  The Goodwill there is pretty good there, too.

I know that some Salvation Army stores offer 50% off on Wednesdays.

As you endeavor to save money while clothing your family, you will learn the best way to shop the stores near you.  Next time...The Family Closet.

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