Monday, December 12, 2011


I have been hearing much about love lately from several different websites and blogs to my own husband.  I am certain of a few things concerning it...

1.  It is the greatest commandment
2.  It is often traded in for the law even though love overcame the law
3.  For many churches it is an all or nothing thing.  Either you preach only love or you don't mention it and stick to the nitty gritty of daily christian life.

To me, love had always seemed straight-forward...until recently.  I suppose it was straight-forward because I never really thought about what I believe on the topic.  Now, though, I have.  I think that since love-for God and each other-is the greatest commandment, then every thing, every idea, every tradition or conviction we have or do ought to be based in love.  If I dressed modestly and wore my hair long because I thought it would make me a better Christian then I Should Not Do It!  I do these things because I believe that they please my Heavenly Father and just like a little child I desire to please my Father because of the Love He has shown to me.  I also think that there needs to be a balance in the church although I'm not exactly sure how that should look.  I love to hear messages on daily Christian life because that is where I am and what I need on a weekly (daily, hourly, second-by-second) basis, but I think there should be an underlying message of love to each of those messages.  We do this because we Love Him.  We don't do that because it doesn't please the One we Love.  He deals with us in this manner because of His great Love for us.  We should raise our children in this way because we want to train them to Love God and we want them to learn that Love from what they receive from us.  Who ever though this could be such a confusing topic!?  I want to stay away from legalism and yet I believe that there are rules and commandment besides love, otherwise it would be the only commandment not the greatest, right?  Any thoughts would be appreciated...

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