Saturday, December 17, 2011

Duggars' Baby #20

I read today of the memorial service Jim Bob and Michelle held for their tiny stillborn daughter and then I made the huge mistake of reading some of the comments (although not all 113 pages of them).  I have to wonder where the respect for human life is and how it came to be that the entire world is so critical.  I suppose in writing this post that I may be a hypocrite as I am indeed critical of some of those commentors.  I have often thought that perhaps the backlash against large families and conservative christian families came from an underlying guilt.  Sometimes when we feel a calling to something that is out of the ordinary and we choose not to follow that calling, we end up bad-mouthing those who have followed it.  But today I am seeing the negativity as a direct result of culture and nothing more.  You cannot feel a conviction without a relationship with God (and He tells us that what we do will seem foolish to unbelievers).  I wonder how many people make their lifestyle choices based on what is publicly acceptable.  I feel like I should almost hide my family away as they suggest that all of us "conservative weirdos" are doing any way, so that we don't have to face the ugliness of their ideas.  Should I be afraid of doing what I feel called to do because of what society says?  I desire to stand   boldly for Christ, but I know in following through I will have many of the same things that are being said about the Duggar family said about my own.  I know that we won't be able to give all of our children all that the world says that they deserve, our children will have to learn responsibility at a young age (that's another thing: who says that the older children in large families work because they are forced to?  Isn't it possible that responsibility is an ingrained trait that society doesn't allow to develop in their self absorbed culture?).  I know that with each "successful" pregnancy my chance of eventually "running out of luck" (as the world would say) and having a difficult pregnancy or even losing a child goes up.  Am I willing to sacrifice my comfort, my health, my future for unborn children?  It is possible that those children could grow up and reject our family and reject the God who created them.  Is it worth it?  I say it is.  What do you say?

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  1. You are doing what you think is right. You are living your beliefs. We are not to buckle to what people who do not believe as we do do. There are people who will criticize anything. No matter what the subject. Do not let your heart be troubled. If you would stop and do as others do you would be miserable. Follow your beliefs. Sarah