Monday, November 7, 2011

He Passed!

This post is a little late in coming, but everything seems to be that way lately.  I wanted to let everyone know that Dan passed his class b commercial drivers licence test on October 22.  Many of you know that Daniel was laid off in May for what was supposed to be a month-long lay-off which stretched until the second week in September.  During that time, a precious friend of ours decided that Daniel needed a more secure that he could find work for all the time, one that didn't require him to be inside a windowless building for 8 hours a day, one that paid a fair wage, one that gave him a skill, and one that allowed him to have Sundays with his family again.  He also knew of Dan's great longing to drive truck like his dad had.  So, he decided in order to help us out that he would purchase a tri-axle dump truck which Dan could then drive in order to make a living.  I am so proud of him that he passed this test (which he was pretty nervous about) on the first try with flying colors.  Now, we are just waiting to get all of the logistics worked out before he is able to completely leave his factory job and move on to this new opportunity.  Thank you all for your prayers during the past few months as he has worked toward this!

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