Thursday, October 27, 2011

Busy, Busy

So often I think of something I want to write's just finding the time that is difficult!  We had a busy time last weekend.  On Friday, my dear mama and brother and soon to be sister in law came to spend the night and we all loaded up bright and early Saturday morning to go with the Cub Scouts to CASS railroad in West Virginia.  It was definitely a long drive, but we had such a good time.  The weather was wonderful with a nip in the air that made it really feel like fall and the train ride was beautiful.  From there, my family headed for home (5 hours away) and we went on to the Green Bank Telescope, part of the National Radio Astronomy Organization.  It was interesting to see the massive radio telescopes, to be in the radio dead zone (No Cell Phone Service!) and to learn about ways that radio astronomy has advanced the medical field.  Unfortunately, I wouldn't go back and I wouldn't recommend it for other Christians because so many of their theories that were put in front of the children we know aren't true because of what the Bible tells us.  From there, we started our long trek home.  We made it about two hours into the trip before we started having meltdowns in the back seat.  So, we decided to stop and stay the night in a motel.  For once I was prepared when we left the house with plenty of extra food (including 3 pizzas I had baked to take along and eat cold for dinner) and clothing.  We only had to stop for a few extra things and we were set.  After some hunting, we finally found a nice room at a reasonable price...the last one in that particular hotel and from what we could tell, one of the last ones in the area!  God was so good to allow us a comfortable night before we eventually made it home Sunday afternoon!  (I will say that all 6 of us in 1 room makes bed time take a whole lot longer.  And I was so thankful that the beds were queen sized since I ended up with Elizabeth, Aaron and Emma in one bed.  Dan says he was just as squished in his bed with Alex, but I'm not sure.)

On Tuesday we were able to watch "How I Became A Pirate" a production put on by the Children's Round About Theater, which is a part of the FSU drama department.  I think my two oldest especially enjoyed it while the little ones enjoyed and entire hour on mama's lap without her worrying about what needed done.  So, we are now trying to work ourselves back into a routine!

We are so thankful, even with all of the busyness, to be able to enjoy these types of experiences with our children.  We wouldn't have it any other way!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

What's the Cost?

The first report issued on the cost of raising a child to age 17 (remember that this doesn't include college) in 1960 stated the total cost to be $25,000.  Today most experts agree that the number is $300,000 or more.  It would take Daniel 12 years to earn that amount...enough to provide for 1 child!  According to, a child's first year of life should cost over $10,000 including childcare.  Now, Emma's first year is bound to be less expensive than a first-born's (something not seemed to be taken into account from most sources), but even a first baby doesn't have to be expensive.  This is what was spent for Alex before he was born...

Car seat/stroller $20 (thank you, Mom!)
Crib/Mattress $0 (thank you, Aunt Suz)
cloth diapers $50
clothing less than $20 (many were given to us)

Expensive?  Nope!  Fancy?  Nope!  Suitable?  Definitely!

I am on a quest to prove this theory of expense wrong.  For the next several months, I will be totalling what we spend on everything...every last purchase and I will let you know what the total comes to for four children.  Of course, this won't be starting from scratch.  Our freezers and pantry are full, I have clothing in the closet, diapers in the drawers, toys in every room of the house, Christmas gifts purchased, etc. but this would be considered "on-going" expenses.  We will need more food, more clothing, transportation, school supplies and more.  Not to mention all of the non-necessary expenses...field trips, restautant meals, and on and on the list goes.  I'm excited to see what the total comes to.  Any guess how much we will spend per child in 3 months?

Emma and Zack

Dan's brother and his precious family stopped in last night. We were so excited to get to see them!  Little Zack is just less than a month younger than Emma and we had fun comparing them.  Here are some pictures...

I think she's still got him beat a little bit in the size department.

Everyone was thrilled to FINALLY have a first cousin...

...Even Emma!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Please Watch this Movie!

I would love for you to go to and watch the 180 Movie. You will see people go from pro-choice to pro-life in seconds.  What could be so powerful as to make them reconsider their worldview many times in less then a minute?  Watch and see.  The movie is 33 minutes long and worth every second.