Saturday, September 24, 2011

What's in a Name?

We finally received Emma's verification of birth (not the birth certificate-we have to order those and they are $24!) and upon reading the fine print on the bottom, discovered that we are actually permitted by law to change our child's name at any time within one year of her birth.  Thankfully, we don't need to do that.  But it made me once again think about the process we go through to name each of our children.  I know some people wait until a child is born to decide on a name, but I'm not that patient.  We try to have names decided on by the time we get to our twenty week ultrasound.  Of course, the process of actually choosing that name is decidedly emotional and even difficult.  I like to say that we name our boys to be presidents and our girls to be princesses.  We also want to make sure that our children won't look at us one day and ask exactly what we were thinking when we named them something ridiculous.  Then, as we think of names, we research their meaning because I think it's important that the meaning of a name fits what you desire that child to be.  So, here is the rundown of what our children's names mean and what we hope that will translate to in their lives. 

Alexander Paul-  Alexander means Defender of the People and Paul means small;humble.  So Alex is our Humble Little Defender.  That is definitely a goal that we have for his life and being the oldest child, we are providing him with plenty of practice!

Elizabeth Anne- Elizabeth means dedicated to God and Anne means full of grace.  We did have to dedicate Elizabeth to God even before her birth.  When I was 18 weeks pregnant, my doctor was unable to find her heartbeat and we didn't know if she was alive.  We were so scared!  We also pray that she will be graceful in her life.

Aaron James- Aaron means strong.  The meaning of James that we use is "to replace".  Our hope is that Aaron will be strong in doing what is right and that he will help to replace evil with good in the world.

Emma Joy-  Emma means complete and Joy is self explanatory.  Emma is our fourth child and so is the one that kind of put us into the large family category by many people.  We are asked so often why we have more than the average 1.7 children and how we are still semi-sane.  Emma's name is why.  Not only her, but each child is a COMPLETE JOY!  Emma, as an individual, definitely lives up to her name.  She is so laid back and easy going.  So peaceful and she brings so much joy to our home and family.

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