Friday, September 30, 2011

Too Much Quiet!

Daniel took Alex and Elizabeth to a cub scout camp-out tonight.  The entire family was invited, but we felt like it was too cold for our littlest ones.  Half an hour after they left, I was so bored!  I had all my laundry done and dishes cleared away.  Now what?  I don't like this feeling of being separated!  I had forgotten, though, how peaceful, and quiet, and easy two children can be.  Here I thought that my everyday was the same as everyone else's everyday, regardless of family size, but maybe I was wrong.  It has been a joy, though, to get to spend some one-on-one time with Aaron...the first since Emma was born.  He is such a sweetie and his personality is becoming more and more evident all the time.  He's a ham!  I guess there is good in every situation.  So although I am missing Daniel and my kiddos, I am thankful for the time that they are getting to have there (even though I just talked to Dan and he said they are all freezing!) as well as the time that we are enjoying here.

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