Monday, September 5, 2011

A Sad Farewell...

Grandma (Dorothy) Garber, whose picture I had posted before in my five generation post, passed away on Thursday at 8:52 PM.  She fought her battle with cancer with a peace that I haven't often seen.  Grandma knew that this world wasn't truly her home and she allowed very little to get her down.  Most often, she was found in front of her sewing machine with a smile on her face...she even gifted us with blankets for Emma only a month ago.  When I entered Dan's family 7 years ago, Grandma was the one who made me feel most welcome.   She was the mother of 11 children.  The bible talks of a Godly mother whose children will "rise up and call her blessed."  That was certainly true of Grandma.  All 10 of her remaining living children deeply respected and cared for their mother and her children, grandchildren, great grandchildren and great-great-grandchildren did as well.  Most people take the idea of us believing God to provide for a large family with a laugh...not grandma.  When each pregnancy was announced in that family, Grandma praised God along with us.  And we know she would have continued to rejoice with us even as our family grew.  I am so thankful to have gotten to be a part of Grandma's family and to have gotten to know her as a sister in the Lord. 

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