Monday, September 12, 2011

Poems for Grandma

Below are three poems written by Daniel's grandma, Mary, for her mother (Dorothy Garber)...

When a mother bares her children
Her flesh and soul divides,
And the pain that long prevailed
Deep within her heart she hides.

And yes, this precious little one
Has a mother who knows best.
Knows and feels that bonding to her
As he's feeding at her breast.

Oh...those busy days of tying shoes
And wiping little noses,
Only God could tell her then
She was cultivating roses.

And those anguished tense filled hours
As she waits and walks the floor
For her teenaged son or daughter
To come walking thru the door.

As they travel down that road called "life"
Her prayer will always be,
That God will grant faith, hope, and love
And life eternally.


Thank you, Mom!

For memories that go beyond the years
Thank you for the home made bread
that always brought the cheers.
Thank for the sewing you've done for my family
Thanks for being just the mom a mother ought to be.

God sees your happy face.  He sees your lovely smile.
God cares wehn you are sick.  He cares that you get well.
Some where along the way your faith will see you thru.
And only then will God ascend ro bring your troubles through.


There never was a burden
There never was a care
That Mother couldn't conquer
That Mother couldn't bare.

Along the path of tender years
She bore her family chores.
She birthed and raised eleven
happy healthy girls and boys.

And from the way of poverty
She struggled and survived.
Knowing all that it was well
For the Lord was by her side.

Where'er my feet may lead me
What ever be my song
May it echo down through eternity
These words:  I love you, Mom.

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